Growing Your Own Food in Vegetable Cages

Growing your own vegetables can be pretty awesome. It’s just really satisfying to be growing something that you know you are going to be able to eat. It makes you feel extremely self-sustained, like you’re a farmer who’s living off the land, at least to a certain extent.

Of course, the reason we aren’t all farmers living off the land, apart from our general lack of expertise, is that we don’t have all that farmland that we are able to grow on. Luckily, there are items out there that can help with vegetable growing without taking up too much space. For instance, you might find that vegetable cages are helpful.

I Plan to Use a Cold Frame to Start My Vegetable Plants

Each year, I like to plant a vegetable garden to make it so that I am able to eat some home grown veggies during the summer and the fall. Last year, I had a lot of problems with my plants because they didn’t survive well when they were transferred from a greenhouse where I started them to the outdoors. They just weren’t able to root into the ground the right way.

This year, I decided that I was just going to start these plants out where they were going to grow the entire time. Using a portable cold frame should make it so that they are able to sprout and take root much earlier than they would otherwise. I am hoping this makes my vegetable a whole lot more successful than it was last year.

A Poulan Pro Edger Attachment is Perfect for Keeping My Lawn From Being Unruly

It feels like every time that I turn around my lawn is growing to a point where it is trying to invade my lawn. For a while I used a simple trimmer to keep my lawn from laying over onto my path, but after a while this got to be far too tedious. I decided that I needed something that was dedicated just to the purpose of edging my lawn so that it was not invading the path.

I looked at a lot of lawn edger options, before I decided that I didn’t want to spend the amount of money that most edgers cost. I was able to find a Poulan Pro edger attachment that was a lot cheaper. Ever since I bought this, the chore of clipping back my lawn and making it stay out of certain areas has been a lot easier. I am really happy with this attachment.

The Simplicity of a Portable Greenhouse

I always wanted to look into getting a greenhouse, but I wanted something that would be easy for me to set up, as I often have trouble with things like that. I barely am able to get through putting up a tent when I go on a camping trip, so I didn’t want it to be too much of a hassle for me to put up a greenhouse.

When I discovered a portable greenhouse, however, it was love at first sight. Because the greenhouse was made to be portable, it was designed so that it’d be very easy to put up. Thus, I haven’t had any trouble with putting up my greenhouse since I decided to pick this one out to use.

Deciding to Purchase an UrBin Grower

I got into gardening when we purchased our first house. We had this great big yard and I knew I wanted to make some use out of it. I also am a big supporter of local organic produce and living environmentally conscience. I started to research and plan my gardens more and more each year, and this year I feel like I’ve really made some great discoveries.

I purchased an UrBin Grower sub-irrigation watering system so not only could I grow outside in the yard, but also in our atrium and porch. Now if I want some fresh salad greens, I don’t have to trudge across the yard to the garden plot, I can just cut some salad straight off the deck. This has been a great and very tasty discovery!

Kool Ray Liquid Shade Has Made it So My Plants Don’t Shrivel

Since I live in a hot climate, the greenhouse that I have in my backyard often gets a bit too hot for my plants. This is a problem because other than this the greenhouse is the right environment to raise my plants. It keeps them protected from the animals in my yard that might eat them and they are safer from pests and invasive weeds that might try to take them out.

To make it a lot easier for my plants to survive through the warmest parts of the year, I decided I needed to make the greenhouse temporarily cooler then. I was able to find a product called Kool Ray liquid shade that makes it so that the greenhouse won’t get as hot. This layer of shade wears off over time so I don’t have to worry about my plants getting too cold at the end of the summer.

Why You Should Replace Peat Moss with Coco Coir

If you are a passionate gardener, you may have noticed that lately there has been a new trend of using coconut fibers to replace peat moss in the garden. This is because these fibers have a more balanced pH which means that they don’t cause fungus and plant based disease to grow in the way that peat moss does. It is also beneficial in many other ways.

Since coconut is an organic fiber it is able to eliminate any need for extra fertilizer. The way that the coconut works in the soil is that it doesn’t decompose as quickly as the rest of the soil which builds air pockets which are good for plants. When you are planting house plants or plants in your garden, you might consider using coco coir to give them a boost.

Why I Love My Vegetable Planters

Have you ever grown your own fruits and vegetables? If you have, you must have noticed that growing your own food (when done right) just tastes so much better than buying food at the store! Maybe it’s because of some sort of additional feelings of satisfaction from being the one to grow your own food.

Because I get so much joy out of it, I’ve got some designated vegetable planters out back that I use to grow vegetables. I’ll put them into a salad or on a sandwich and I actually wind up saving so much money that I would have spent on buying veggies at the store! It’s the perfect situation!

Give Plants an Easy Winter by Using a Cold Frame

In my garden, I have a lot of plants that grow wonderfully in the spring and summer, but often die off during the colder winters. These are plants that would usually return to bloom in the spring, so I wanted to find a way to protect them from a more permanent form of death and coax them into winter dormancy instead. Since they don’t grow naturally in this climate they need an easier winter.

I read about cold frame gardening and how these frames can provide plants with a miniature ecosystem that protects them from harsher winter conditions. I bought one of these greenhouses and used it last winter to protect several of my plants from the harsh frost and icy conditions. In the spring, I planted my plants once again and soon they were thriving again.

Planters for My Own Garden

Gardening has long been a hobby of mine, since I used to work in the garden with my mother when I would get home from school. Even though working in the yard and in the garden was what got me my allowance, I really did enjoy it. It was pivotal to me that I be able to maintain a garden in my adulthood when my husband and I got our own home.

I’ve kept true to that promise to myself; I have been working on my own garden ever since we moved here. I’m always ordering new planters and different seeds so that I can watch new flowers and other plants flourish in my garden. Being able to give life to all these different beautiful plants is something that I really enjoy.